Welcome to the Maryland CASH Academy’s “Passport to Prosperity” program where you can earn points while learning about money! Take a fun, fact-based educational class, check your credit report, set and reach a financial goal or become an Educator with us while working your way from a CASH Academy Student ⇒ Honor Student ⇒ Scholar ⇒ Ambassador.

Celebrate your knowledge and skills handling money! You will receive a certificate and your name will be on our website, for every level you reach. When you reach the Scholar level, you are eligible to co-teach a class with an experienced CASH Academy Educator. Once you reach the Ambassador level, your picture and bio can be added to our website. 

There are 4 Different Levels of Achievement Earned Through The Passport To Prosperity:

MD CASH Academy Student = 25 Points
MD CASH Academy Honor Student = 50 Points
MD CASH Academy Scholar = 100 Points
MD CASH Ambassador = 250 Points

Below are some of the many ways you can earn points and advance through the various levels from above.

1 Point Activities; Learn While You Earn! Earn 1 Point for Each:
1. Attend a MD CASH Academy class.
1. Bring a friend or family member to a class.
1. Register online for a class.

2 Point Activities; Grow Your Knowledge! Earn 2 Points for Each:
2. Take steps to manage your money such as creating a spending plan, checking your credit report,               opening a bank account, using free tax prep services or saving money from your refund.
2. Get a friend to sign up for a passport.
2. Like MD CASH on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @MDCASHAcademy.
2. Read a book on managing your money and provide a short written summary.
2. Attend a financial education event and talk to one of our partners.

3 Point Activities; You Can Do It! Earn 3 Points for Each:
3. Reach a financial goal: Create a savings account, increase your savings, pay down debt, create and               stick to a spending plan for 3 months, improve your credit score.
3. Sign up for employer retirement savings program and make regular contributions.
3. Share a personal financial story via a video, written testimonial or media interview.

5 Point Activities; Help Others Learn, Pay It Forward! Earn 5 Points for Each:
5. Staff a MD CASH exhibitor table at a local community event.
5. Take a training class on a financial education topic and teach a class.
5. Teach a MD CASH Academy class.

MD CASH Academy Student Level
Eddie Burton, Gaithersburg

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