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Do you qualify for the Stimulus payment if you receive government benefits?

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Do you qualify for the Stimulus payment if you work?

Why Does Your Money Disappear?

Learn how to fix your spending habits: how to prioritize your spending, determine wants vs. needs, and more!


Cómo Navegar sus Finanzas en Tiempos Financieros Inciertos: ¿COVID-19 está afectando sus finanzas? Únase a la biblioteca del Condado de Anne Arundel y Christina Figueroa, Consultora de Educación Financiera de CASH Campaign, en este seminario web para aprender a reducir sus gastos, administrar su crédito / deuda y obtener recursos para ayudarle superar esta crisis.

Cyber Criminals
Are Looking
for You

Cyber Criminal Are Looking For You: As a result of the public health crisis, people are using online tools to attend school, work and interact with friends/family. How safe are those tools and what security steps should you take to protect your information and data? Join the Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, and Joseph Carrigan, Senior Security Engineer with the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute (JHUISI) to learn how to protect you and your family from online predators. This workshop is sponsored by the Maryland Cybersecurity Council.

Protecting Your Hard Earned Savings

Ask a CFP: Protecting Your Hard Earned Savings: Join Nick Ibello, Certified Financial Planner and volunteer with CASH Campaign of Maryland, to learn how to protect investments during economic uncertainty and resources to help you reach your financial goals.

Credit 101 seminar during COVID-19

Rock Your Credit Score: Join Courtney Bettle, Director of Financial Capability at CASH Campaign of Maryland, for this informative webinar to learn the importance of using credit, credit reports and scores. The objectives of the webinar are:

    • The definition of credit and how credit scores are calculated
    • Why credit is important
    • How to order a free credit report
    • How to read credit reports

Worried about Paying Your Mortgage?

Worried About Paying Your Mortgage During COVID 19? Brendan McKay, the Broker/Owner of McKay Mortgage company in Bethesda, Maryland discussed all of the options that homeowners have during these times of economic hardship. Topics include Forbearance, Deferment, and how to best analyze refinance options.

ABLE Accounts A Savings Tool 

ABLE Accounts A Savings Tool to Promote Independence/Financial Stability for People w/ Disabilities: Maryland ABLE is a way to help people with qualifying disabilities and their families save for everyday needs, save and invest in a tax-free account, and prepare for the future without losing state or local benefits such as SSI and Medicaid Waiver services. Join Kelly Nelson of Maryland ABLE to learn about eligibility criteria, enrollment, account management, tax benefits and how to use an ABLE account to pay for qualified disability expenses that support health, independence, and a better quality of life.

Talking About

Talking about Money: Talking about money can be hard, but it does not have to be. It is important to have those conversations with people of all ages. Join Kylie Delgado, CASH's Program Manager of the Bank On Maryland Program to learn resources and information to have those conversations easily, engaging, and with enthusiasm whether you are talking to young kids, teens, young or mature adults.

Financial Coaching during COVID-19


College Concerns: If you are concerned about what your student will do for Fall 2020 and how your household will be able to pay for it, chances are your student is concerned, too. Dr. Tisa Silver Canady discussed navigating college concerns as a result of COVID 19.

Health Insurance during COVID 19

Health Insurance during COVID 19: COVID19 has raised concerns about health insurance coverage. Budgets are stretched and many have had incomes cut, a temporary layoff, or a job loss. How do you choose the best health insurance plan for yourself and get best use for your money and your health? Learn health insurance tips and strategies from Carrie Sorenson, University of Maryland Extension Community Educator.

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