- Online Immigration Resources


My Money Matters Maryland:  Comprehensive financial education resources organized by category including a section titled “Need Help Now?” for those needing immediate assistance.

- $mart Thinking About Your Money

o    Maryland Public Television. A site dedicated to helping individuals make better financial decisions.



- Glossary of common financial terms

o    Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions. A list of frequently used financial terms with an emphasis on Borrowing and Homebuying explained in plain language. Also see the Security and Exchange Commission’s Glossary, which provides a much larger list of terms and their legal definitions.

- Bankruptcy / Legal Help

o    Maryland Legal Aid. Providing free civil legal services to financially qualified Marylanders, seniors and children.

o    People’s Law Library of Maryland. A legal information and self help site arranged by subject.

o    Filing Bankruptcy: What to Know. Federal Trade Commission. Information grouped by topic covering: Approved Credit Counselors and Debt Educators, Counseling and Education Requirements, Choosing a Credit Counselor, and Help and Information.


- Budgeting / Spending Plan

o Financial Literacy and Education Commission. A wealth of resources organized by topic and target audience. Also see “Budgeting Worksheets.”

o    Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Delaware and Maryland, Inc. CCCS is dedicated to helping individuals and families resolve financial problems through confidential budget counseling, debt management repayment programs, and community education.

o    How Personal Budgets Work. How Stuff Works. A resource for creating a spending plan. Discusses important things to consider and tips to cut expenses while suggesting multiple ways to create a budget and track spending.


- Checking/ Savings Accounts

o    Answers about Bank Accounts. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, US Treasury. Answers to an extensive list of FAQs about banking arranged by topic.


- Credit

o The only site to help consumers obtain their free credit reports. No website or company is authorized to fill these requests. Consumers get one free report from the three major Credit Reporting Agencies each year. A list of FAQs related to credit reports, credit fraud, disputing items on a credit report.

o    Credit and Loans. Federal Trade Commission. Information grouped by topic covering: Getting Credit, Credit Reports, Credit and Debit Cards, and Loans.

o    Five Tips: Improving your Credit Score. Federal Reserve. Tips, along with resources, to improve ones credi score.

- Consumer Protection

o    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Get answers to financial questions, file consumer complaints, access information about financial products.

o    Consumer Protection Division, Office of the Maryland Attorney General. Many resources for consumers organized by subject, contact information for the Consumer Protection Division, and filing a consumer complaint online.

o    Consumer Protection: Credit. Federal Trade Commission. Resources educating consumers about common credit scams as well as tips avoid scams.

o    Fraud and Scams. Federal Reserve Consumer Help. Information on Identity Theft, how to protect oneself, and what to do if one is a victim of identity theft.

o    Privacy and Identity. Federal Trade Commission. Resources grouped by topic covering: Limiting Unwanted Calls and Emails, Computer Security, Kids Online Safety, Protecting Your Identity, and Repairing Identity Theft.

              o    Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (MCRC).   Nonprofit organization that advances and                       protects fairness and justice for Maryland consumers through research, education and                             advocacy. Check their "Tips for Buying a Car" video

- Debt / Debt Management

o    Credit Card Repayment Calculator. Federal Reserve. Calculates the amount of time it will take to pay off a credit card balance if the consumer only makes the minimum monthly payment

o    Dealing with Debt. Federal Trade Commission. Information grouped by topic covering: Managing Debt, Credit Repair, Debt Relief, and Debt Collection.


 - Federal Student Aid

o    Financial Aid Toolkit. Consolidates financial aid resources into a searchable online database, making it easy to quickly access the information needed to support students and their families. The searchable library provides information covering the entire financial aid life cycle from applying for financial aid to repaying loans and includes items such as financial aid presentations, brochures, videos, and sample tweets and Facebook posts. It also offers training opportunities and resources for self-instruction.

- Homeownership / Mortgages

o    Buying a Home. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Navigates the Home Buying process with the first-time buyer in mind. Information on many housing programs including: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, Housing Counseling, and state-specific homebuying programs. Also see HUD in Maryland for Maryland-specific information.

o    Home Loans. Federal Trade Commission. Information grouped by topic covering: Shopping For a Mortgage, Paying Your Mortgage, Foreclosure, Reverse Mortgages.

o    Trouble Paying Your Mortgage. Federal Trade Commission. Provides information on what defaulting on a mortgage means, tips for homeowners in default, and other resources.

o    Mortgage and Foreclosure Resources. Federal Reserve. Provides information on all manner of homeownership and mortgage topics. Has links to local and national resources for homeowners.

o    Help For Homeowners: Who to Contact for Help. Baltimore Homeownership Preservation Commission. A directory of nonprofit housing counseling agencies in Baltimore City as well as other resources.

- Insurance

o    Glossary of insurance terms. National Association of Insurance Commissioners. A glossary of commonly-used insurance terms. Provides explanation to terms used in insurance policies.

o    Consumer Publications. Maryland Insurance Administration. Provides resources about the role of the Maryland Insurance Administration in aiding consumers with insurance issues, information about specific types of insurance, and a link to agencies which rate insurance companies.

o    Insure U – Get Smart About Insurance. Maryland Insurance Administration. Publications providing information about insurance needs at different stages of life: Young Singles, Young Families, Established Families, Empty Nesters and Seniors.             u.html


- Saving / Retirement

o    Roadmap to Saving and Investing. Securities and Exchange Commission. A guide explaining steps to building financial stability and planning for retirement:

o    Compound interest calculator. ArmyOneSource. Shows the results of starting to save early and the power of compound interest.

o    Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement. Department of Labor. A guide to planning for retirement as well as considerations once retired.

o    Retirement Estimator. Social Security Administration: Calculate expected Social Security benefits upon retirement based on your work history and age at retirement.

o    InvestBusters. Maryland Public Television: A helpful video busting myths about investments and educating why it's never too soon to start investing.


- Small Businesses

o    Starting and Managing a Business. Small Business Administration. A wealth of resources for entrepreneurs starting their own business or managing their current business.

o    Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center. Internal Revenue Service. A A-to-Z resource guide about small business with a focus on tax information.

o    Maryland Small Business Resources. Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. A website devoted to assisting and promoting businesses in Maryland. Also see the  Maryland Small Business Resource Guide.


- Student Loans

o    Federal Student Aid. Department of Education. Interactive resources about the following topics: Prepare for College, Types of Aid, Who Gets Aid, FASFA: Apply for Aid, and Repay Your Loans.

o    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete the FAFSA application online in order to learn about the personalized financial aid options for you. Also see Filling Out the FAFSA  for tips on the process.

o    Federal Versus Private Loans. Department of Education. Provides information about different types of student loans and offers a comparison of Federal loans and Private loans.

o    National Student Loan Data System. The US Department of Education’s centralized portal for borrowers to find information about all of their federal student loans and grants, such as amount owed and loan servicer.

o    Student Borrower Assistance Project. National Consumer Law Center. Resources about student loans, with an emphasis on helping borrowers who have fallen behind on their loans.

- Taxes

o    The Internal Revenue Service Homepage. Information and help pertaining to any federal income tax issue. Every tax form and explanation is available, as is the Interactive Tax Assistant feature to answer tax questions. Free File, free electronic filing for qualified individuals, is available as is information about Free Tax Preparation (VITA).

o    Free Tax Preparation. The Maryland CASH Campaign. “Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope.” Provides Free Tax Preparation at sites throughout Maryland to qualified individuals. Resources pertaining to taxes for: Taxpayers, Community Stakeholders, and Employers.

o    Spotlight on Maryland Taxes. The Comptroller of Maryland. Resources covering Maryland income tax, free e-filing, resolve unpaid tax bills, and taxpayer assistance.

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