Dorchester County

Upcoming events

    • 26 Jan 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)
    • Online

    Join CCCSMD to become more aware of current scams; how to protect against identity theft; indicators of scams and identity theft; how a victim of a scam or identity theft can move forward towards recovery; how being a victim of a scam or identity theft can impact an individual’s ability to secure, afford and sustain housing.

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    • 30 Jan 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (EST)
    • Online

    Interested in buying a home? Join CCCSMD, a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, for a FREE homeownership education workshop that will cover the entire process of financing and owning your first home. Topics of this workshop will include determining your price range, financial readiness, down-payment and closing cost assistance, the importance of credit, qualifying for a mortgage and more.

    This is a live 6-hour webinar. To receive credit for attending and qualify for a certificate, you MUST:

    • Register through Eventbrite (this includes co-applicants)

    • Use same email address and full name in the webinar as was used to register

    • Log in ON TIME and answer ALL poll questions

    No credit will be awarded if the above instructions are not followed.

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    • 19 Feb 2021
    • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM (EST)

    "The idea of hiring a “coach” is everywhere, and to some it does seem like anyone truly knows what it means. When you think about working with a “financial coach”, at best it sounded like an accountability partner. Maybe you’re nodding your head right now, thinking “Yup! That’s exactly what I think it is.”

    Find out what financial coaching REALLY is on (2/19/21) and how to receive this free service through The CASH Campaign of MD. Join our financial coaching meet & greet by registering here.

    Coaching helps you to:

    ✨Get into your brain and uncover on paper what’s ACTUALLY getting in the way of the results you want.

    ✨Take impactful action so you get results without feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.

    ✨See the possibilities where you didn’t think there were any.

    ✨Break old thought patterns that make you feel like you’re stuck.

    ✨Identify your choices when you thought there were none.

    ✨Confidently make the decisions YOU want to make.

    ✨Make things happen in ANY circumstance.

    ✨Stand strong in your story, without comparison.

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