Only as Strong as Our Volunteers

There’s such power in volunteering. It’s a way to not only to give back to the community but it is the underpinning of a strong community. At Maryland CASH (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) Campaign, a state-wide network of organizations that promote financial stability for the low to moderate income community, volunteers are the life force of the organization’s mission.

Maryland CASH Campaign volunteers work within several vital areas of the organization. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with Maryland CASH in order to provide high-quality free tax preparation along with  financial education and coaching programs. The Maryland CASH Campaign is committed to helping Maryland residents obtain the credible, non-biased financial education needed to learn how to meet their financial goals. Volunteers teach classes which are listed on Maryland CASH Academy, a site where people can find free personal finance classes on a wide variety of topics across the state of Maryland. A few of the classes provided are:

  • Conquering Debt - What debt collection agencies can and can do. Steps to take to reduce/eliminate debt along with "do's" and "don’ts" of negotiating with creditors.
  • Family Finances - Tips and Methods to teach financial education to children of all ages along with ideas for families to work together in reaching financial goals.
  • Choosing and Paying for College - Tips on evaluating the cost of higher education, navigating the student loan process, and products.

All volunteers are screened and interviewed by Maryland CASH’s Volunteer Maryland Coordinator. Volunteer Maryland is an organization that helps nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies throughout the state provide more services, improve the effectiveness of the organizations’ volunteer programs, and increase organizational capacity to manage volunteer programs by placing AmeriCorps members to serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinators. The main goal of the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator is to bridge the gap between communities facing critical problems and citizens who want to volunteer to solve those problems.

After the Volunteer Educator has been interviewed they are trained on one of the many curriculum Maryland CASH offers. Once the volunteer has been trained they set out to provide free classes throughout Maryland. Classes are held at universities, libraries, community centers, etc. All classes are open to the public.

Along with financial education, volunteers are an essential part in providing free tax preparation to those making under $54,000. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites are comprised of passionate volunteers. In 2015, the Maryland CASH Campaign operated 52 tax sites with its 506 volunteers, generating over $32 million in federal and state refunds back to 19,407 Maryland Households.

Maryland CASH’s volunteers have a deep passion for aiding and financially empowering their community. With over 80 volunteers, Maryland CASH Campaign is able to reach across the state of Maryland in order to assist communities and individuals create assets, savings, and hope.

“I volunteer because I believe in the mission of Maryland CASH. The training is excellent, and the staff members are dedicated to the mission. I believe financial empowerment is the foundation of personal success. Volunteering with Maryland CASH is one of the ways I help to share that message. When I sit with a client, my goal is to make sure they leave with a better understanding of their taxes, the comfort that we are here to partner with them, and that Maryland CASH can provide resources beyond tax prep.” - Volunteer Financial Educator: Tiffany Yep

“I volunteer because financial knowledge is key in today's society. I have received help from various individuals during my journey to financial freedom, and I am eager to share that information with others.” Volunteer Financial Educator: Leticia Jarrett

I volunteer because I feel that people, especially younger folks, need to be financially educated now more than ever. Many traditional retirement benefits like pension, Social Security and health insurance are under great pressure and as a result the burden of responsibility is falling on us as individuals. Volunteer Financial Educator: John Hauserman

"I volunteer and work with Maryland Cash campaign because it gives me the opportunity to reach young people who are just starting out in the real world and to share with them principles that will lead to a financially independent lifestyle. Money is woven into the fabric of our lives and if we can teach behavior that helps us manage money rather than money managing us, we will be much more productive and happy citizens, family members and friends in our community. It is so rewarding to see the young people grasp the principles we share and put them to use positively in a way that changes their lives forever.” Volunteer Financial Educator: Robert Savage

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