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Can’t find a topic in any of the other categories, it’s probably a “special topic”. Planning for college? Looking for a class with a wide range of topics? Interested in starting your own business? Want to learn about the bankruptcy process? These topics and much more are listed below.

Upcoming events

    • 06 May 2015
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • 610 E. Diamond Avenue, Suite 100 Gaithersburg, MD 20877
    • 25
    Description: This class explores  financial institutions  (such as banks and credit unions), their products and ways to save money when you are managing your bank accounts.

    This course will help you understand:
    - The benefits of having an account with a financial institution
    - What type of services/accounts are available to you
    - How to choose a financial institution, and
    - How to manage your accounts.

    This class is provided by Family Services, Inc.

    A Spanish translator will be available during this presentation.

    One hundred years ago a group of caring community members came together to help those who were most in need. This particular group called themselves the Social Services League, and established their tradition of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors."

    In 1959, the organization's name was changed to Family Services Agency. To meet the needs of the ever-changing Montgomery County population, Family Services has expanded and now houses 14 different programs! Today, Family Services is still committed to making a long-lasting impact on families.Through its innovative early childhood, educational, and behavioral health programs, Family Services makes a difference in the community.

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