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    • 01 Nov 2014
    • Morgan State University

    In 2010, Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. (BENI) and M&T Bank joined forces to better educate the women of Baltimore City around financial health and overall wellness. Our organizations have always considered financial wellness a key component to a healthy lifestyle.  But, we also knew that people's financial goals shouldn't end with home ownership. 

    So, with the large number of single female heads of household buying in Baltimore City in mind, we created Financially Independent and Empowered Women, a day long event focusing on a woman's path to a healthier, more financially secure life. 

    We are extremely excited to say this is our fifth consecutive year educating women around a variety including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, preventative healthcare and home ownership.  We look forward to a wonderful conference AND reception on Saturday, November 1 at Morgan State University.  Stay tuned for more information on guest speakers and program topics as the date approaches and be prepared to be FINE!

    For more information about FINE Women, please choose one of the links below:

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